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It's rare to find someone as knowledgeable, who will share his ideas in an easy to understand manner. You have synthesized ancient mathematics with cutting-edge theories of science... I received much more than I expected and appreciate your meticulous and time consuming research. ... Illinois

The material I have received from you is absolutely awesome! You write in a clear and direct manner unlike Gann. I have learned a lot from your books in a short period of time. I have a lot of the Bayer material but really didn't know how to apply the ellipse with such detail, especially with the triangles... Thank you for sharing this with me. ... Pennsylvania

The work you have put into this course is awesome! This is the most fascinating, intriguing and intellectually stimulating stuff I have come across in years and years and years, and I am just starting into it. It is so mentally captivating. At last I can get some benefit or relevance from math and science and learning about atomic subshells in 7th grade and all the other stuff since then. Whenever I go anywhere I bring your books with me and find myself immersing into it at traffic lights that are red and while waiting on appointments. ... Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that I have only finished the first chapter (PTV) and I am already blown away by your material!!! I have ordered technical analysis books before, but NOTHING I have ever seen comes even close to just the first chapter of your book. Thanks for making this material available! ... California

I have been using your method and I really find it interesting and accurate here in the Philippines. Keep it up!

I recently ordered all four of your books. I believe these are the best books ever written about market analysis. Thank you for making your work available to the public. ... Michigan

All I can say is incredible, absolutely incredible. I just opened my own trading account about 2 weeks ago took a trade using the elliptical pattern prices followed and was able to get into a trade just as prices reached the intersection of the axes of the ellipses. Prices turned just as you outlined in the book. Your work is phenomenal. My highest praise. ... Stock Trader

Thank you for your books. I consider some of the best written on the causes of market cycles. … Massachusetts

I have had your books for a while now. WOW! I think your work shows incredible insight and long hours of work. ...PhD, CPA, Florida

Many people consider me to be a pretty smart guy, but I am in awe of the work you have done. It is really remarkable... congratulations. ... New Mexico

I received your 4 book set about a month ago and I haven't been able to put them down yet. Your work is brilliant. ... California

I very much appreciate you making your work public. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to learn from you. Your work is phenomenal. ... Arkansas

The four volumes are excellent! ... Futures Trader

Your predictions are very accurate. ... Missouri

I've never seen anything like this before! Thanks for sharing your research! ... Hawaii

I am astonished at what you have unearthed. ... England

I have read scores of books on the markets but your book is THE BEST. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with fellow traders through your home study course. ... Pennsylvania

I have recently ordered your four books. It is one of the few times in the last several years that I ordered something concerning commodities trading and really got value for money! In your case it's probably more value than cost, because if someone else had this same information they may not be willing to disclose it an the cost you sold it to us. ... Trinidad

I would like to tell you what a pleasant surprise it is to purchase your books and find that there is far more information in them that can be absorbed in several careful readings. A huge difference from the other products available. I'm used to paying lots and getting little. ... Connecticut

Your market analysis and discoveries are amazing! ... Maryland

You have done a superb job. Congratulations to you! ... Ilinois

I just want to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the four books. After looking at these books, I have to say I believe that this is the best money I have ever spend in researching the markets. ... Australia

I bought your book FDSS in 1997. I would like to thank you for writing that book, for, without the basic concepts conveyed in the first half, I would most probably have lost a great deal of money! ... England

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your research, it's some of the best you can buy. I know, I've spent a lot of money researching until I found Gann, which led me to you. If you had a company I would be sending you my resume on a daily basis. That's how much I think your work will help me to reach the freedom status we each want. ... Arkansas

I've enjoyed your 4 volume set on the stock market immensely. Thanks for sharing your discoveries ... Wisconsin

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